Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Part I: I sang out of tune.

If you've been here before, you probably know that I tend to narrate my posts (for days at times) in my head. Here's how this post has been going for awhile: 

What would you do if I sang out of tune?
Would you stand up and walk out on me?
Lend me your ears and I'll sing you a song,
And I'll try not to sing out of key.

And if you're feeling super ambitious, you can check out my full sentiments here:

Did you click? Do it. Is your mind blown?
Joe Cocker is not the Beatles, but man that's good. Said in another way: 

What would you do if I hadn't blogged?
Would you stop reading and turn on your TV? 
Lend me your eyes and I'll write you a post, 
And I'll try not be unfunny. 

I wrote that in negative six seconds, so forgive its cheesiness and just general terribleness. But you get my point, yes? My absence is so long here that I feel like I've entered into that realm of unforgivable. Is it unforgivable?  I hope not. So I guess that's my apology - a Beatles tune, a Joe Cocker cover and a terrible haiku. You're welcome. 

Forewarned: I wish I had a nice, thematic way to organize the crazy of the last few months, but it simply doesn't exist. Impossible, even for a Type A-OCD planner like myself. I've tried and scrapped it at least three times. I just....can't. Perhaps Johnny Cash says it best, hmmm? 

I've been everywhere, man.

So instead of sensory overload and mental deboggling, I've decided that I'm going to blog about the past few months in review. Not a quick, hurried, "Let's let it all hang out!" review. Instead, a review worthy of what those months, and the friends we've shared them with, have meant to us. You'll just have to come back for more. (Assuming I show up, that is. Hedge your bets.) So here we go. 

Jenny Penny got married. And then she left me. 

First up in review, my long-time friend got married. Jen and I went to law school together and have worked down the hall from each other for close to five years. For those combined eight (EIGHT) years, I probably saw her more than anyone else in the world, including Goose. She's prettier than him though, and generally more cheery, so it worked out fine for me. 

Eight years in the making.

Jen and James were married at the Messina Hoff Winery in College Station. As a lifetime Longhorn, I don't tread on that turf willingly, but I'll make an exception for these two. Jen was a gorgeous bride, and seeing her light up at becoming James's wife was such a special moment. Even if I had to do it breathing Aggie air. **Gag, cough, cough.** Hook 'Em. 

So happy for our sweet friends and so honored to have been a part of their big day....except for that nine mile aisle I had to walk down. That part I could have done without. 

I've forgiven her though, because she didn't make me wear a terrible bridesmaid dress or have horrendous wedding hair. Jen for the win. (Those for the loss, you know who you are. Ahem.) 

And then, like a water balloon to the face, Jen left us in July for greener pastures. 

She's grazing in the land of in-house counsel, putting her blackberry aside for hours at a time, taking field trips on a whim, being served by waiters in tails and white gloves and rolling her fingers together with poorly disguised evil glee. 

We hates her. 
But oh how I miss her. 

With that, cheers to Jen and James. May you have a lifetime of golden happiness. And many baby Longhorns. 
***All wedding pictures copyright Heather Curiel. I'm an attorney, after all.